Get Hype! The Neverland Rescue

By Letiman Games

All the World is Made of Faith, and Trust, and Pixie Dust

Today on Get Hype!, we're going to be taking a look at The Neverland Rescue by Letiman Games.  The Neverland Rescue is a 2 player asymmetrical set collection/deduction game where one player controls the dastardly Captain Hook, trying to find and eradicate that troublesome Peter Pan's hideout once and for all, while the other player is cast as the aforementioned Peter Pan, who is trying to rescue his captured Lost Boys.  But in a Mike Meeple exclusive interview, publisher Dan Letzring tells me that Hook and Pan were not always supposed to be the stars of this adventure.

"The game was originally about the Boston Tea Party. Peter Pan was Sam Adams and Captain Hook was the Captain of the Guard...  This theme [The Boston Tea Party] is actually what brought Scott and I together to work on this project."

That "Scott" he's talking about is Scott Almes of Tiny Epic fame.  Whether it be Kingdoms, or Galaxies, or Quests, or Westerns, he knows how to make a small exciting game, and The Neverland Rescue doesn't look to be any different.

The Neverland Rescue is played by Captain Hook "Baiting" Peter Pan with cards that may offer special effects or abilities, or may simply be representative of some of the Lost Boys he needs to rescue.  Both players then secretly choose which of their comrades they will be sending to which locations.  Peter sends Wendy, John, Michael, and Tink to find the Lost Boys, and Hook sends Smee and the other pirates to, well, do pirate things to children...

I thought you said this was a KIDS MOVIE...

"We worked hard to make sure there was an even playing field for everyone involved. At first it was harder for Hook to win because Hook’s goal requires some tricky deduction while Pan is focused on maximizing efficiency of set-collecting.  Since it was harder for Hook, we allowed Hook to lay the cards out (set up the locations) each round to even the playing field."

This attention to balance resulted in an additional thematic way to win for each player: Belief.  Over the course of the game the belief meter will ebb and flow between both players.  Too far on Peter's side, and Peter wins!  Too far on Hook's side:

You better clap REAL hard, y'all...

"The main purpose of the belief track is to provide an extra option, especially if the cards coming out are not as beneficial for the characters’ main goals. It also helps to deter Hook from guessing Pan’s hideouts without being sure as the Belief penalty for Hook is pretty harsh when incorrect."

The Moment You Doubt Whether You Can Fly, You Cease Forever To Be Able To Do It

The Neverland Rescue is currently on Kickstarter until June 7th, so as of the writing of this post, there is still plenty of time for you to pledge to this cool looking project and lock in a copy.  While the game states it's for ages 12 and up, I have a feeling that there will be many children much younger than that will be chasing this game down, and I think that's great.  The tabletop community needs more games that will appeal to children, but also will be fun enough for mom and dad or auntie and uncle to enjoy, and I think The Neverland Rescue is one of those games.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to be sitting over here, patiently waiting for my chance to play.

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