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Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Ah, Tears for Fears...  Some of the greatest political minds in history.  Over 30 years ago, they made the bold statement through song that Everybody did indeed Want to Rule the World, and you know what?  I think they were right.

This is abundantly clear when you look in the gaming world.  World domination is one of the most popular goals in tabletop gaming.  Whether through military conquest or political intrigue, it appears that Tears for Fears were correct in their assertion, at least in the tabletop realm.

Supreme Leader, an upcoming game by Card Culture Games, is looking to add it's party style gameplay to the world domination market.

I hear his city is very nice...

"I’ve always been fascinated by politics and struggles for power, and I wanted to create a game that could mirror the stressful and high stakes aspect of political struggle for power," designer Jackson Herold explains, "We also didn’t want to create an overly complicated game so we wanted to create a game where the bones of the game are relatively simple and the players and how they react are what make the game come to life."

Whereas most world domination style games require hours of hardened strategy to win, Supreme Leader relies on hand management and social manipulation.  The players gain income during the turn that they can use to purchase cards, giving them special abilities, such as the following:

But what is this vote that you speak of, Card?

Well, that's where things get dicey.  You see, at the end of the round, players simultaneously vote for the person they want out.  It's like being chosen last in a game of dodgeball, but in reverse!

Cue sudden and inevitable betrayal!

"The game plays heavily off of the person’s personality and for players that aren’t as strong at commanding the table and arguing across at potential enemies, they are able to purchase cards and make deals in a way to give them a solid line of defense. But sometimes, being loud and aggressive makes someone a target while sitting back and being quiet can even be a strategy in its own right to making it into the next round..."

"Whaaaa...?!?  I'm as surprised as everyone else!!!"

"Having people be able to make deals, give bribes, make alliances, and betray one another freely is what I think makes the game succeed."

It's also what destroys friendships, but I guess that fits with politics in general, so THEMATIC WIN!

But be careful.  Just because you've voted out your now former bestie, that doesn't mean they're out of the game!  Instead, your ex-BFF joins the UN, a conglomerate of losers who have a fraction of the power they once did (Lord, now I really DO sound like a politician!).

You see, between the entire UN, they only receive a single vote, so, you can't upset too many people.  But having a few enemies?  Well, that's just par for the course.

"[The UN mechanic] was put in because for many of us in our gaming group did not mind the elimination mechanic but once we started play testing at shops and with new people we realized we needed to give players who get voted out something to do as well as the possibility to still win the game. Sitting there doing nothing while your friends have fun is not fun."

No, it is not.  However, sitting there and plotting the demise of the one who done did you wrong is delicious...

"With the help of the UN, I can finally eliminate those Color Kids once and for all..."

I'll Take a Leader Supreme with Cheese

While there are a lot of cash grabbing politically topical games that have come through Kickstarter recently (ie. Hillary v. Donald, etc.), Mr. Herold is quick to say Supreme Leader is not such a game, "We tried to avoid a lot of the hot button topics by not focusing on contemporary politics. Most of our leaders currently in the game are either dead or their period of strong relevancy is placed in the past."

How DARE you say that my Cleo is not still relevant today!

So, with historical significance in boatloads, Supreme Leader looks to set Kickstarter ablaze in the near future, starting October 1st with pledges for the Base Game starting around $20.  Only time will tell if Supreme Leader lives up to it's name, but with it's fun, quick gameplay, and deep strategy, I think it will leave people chanting "Long live the Supreme Leader!"

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