First Ever Painting Poorly Painting Competition!

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Time to Put Up or Shut Up!

Okay, guys. So I didn’t quite reach my goal of 600 Facebook followers by the end of July. If I had, I would have simply GIVEN away a Free Folk Starter Set to one random lucky follower of mine. So, I can’t just GIVE it away, you’re gonna have to EARN IT. 

I will be hosting the first ever Painting Poorly Competition!  Starting today and going through mid September, I’m challenging YOU novice painters out there to pick up the brush and paint up a unit or hero and have the chance to WIN that Free Folk starter!

Let’s break down the rules:
1. No Purchase Necessary

2. Novice Painters ONLY. If I see your work up on a painting service page, or a blog, or if you’ve posted hundreds of pictures on the Discord or FB group, you will be disqualified. 

3. You MUST Paint a Figure or Unit that has been highlighted on my Blog as of 8/12/19, using SIMILAR or exact color schemes. 

4. To enter, email me your name and three pictures to me in three specific states of progress: 
  1. Basecoated
  2. Washed/Shaded
  3. Fully Highlighted/Based/Finished Product
5. I will be judging all entries based on quality, difficulty, and overall appeal of the paint job before selecting the top 5 and posting them on my Patreon, allowing my Patrons the final vote in deciding the winner. Any ties will be decided by me. 

6. Winners within the continental US will receive free shipping. International winners will be required to pay shipping, which will be detailed later on. 

7. Entries will be considered from 8/12/19 through 9/15/19, with Finalists and Patreon Voting occurring 9/23/19 through 9/30/19 with the final Winner announced 10/1/19. 

8. This competition has absolutely no affiliation with CMON or Asmodee at all, and is run completely independently of those companies.  Therefore any rulings or decisions made during this competition do not reflect the opinions or policies of those companies.

Enter here today!

Happy Hunting!
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