The Game of the Year 2017 Winner...

And the Winner Is...

Don't worry, y'all, I'm not burying the lead.  After almost 2 months, and over 20 THOUSAND votes, the winner and Mike Meeple Game of the Year 2017 is...

Congratulations to Gloomhaven and Cephalofair Games!

Now, the results themselves are not exactly, shocking, Gloomhaven is currently sitting at number 1 on  But what IS shocking is who took 2nd place...

Massive Darkness by CMON Games is not the best game I've played this year.  And a lot of people think that it's a terrible game in general (I don't by the way, it's somewhere in the middle for me), but man, oh, man, does it have a devoted following, and that is awesome!

I saw some people online mentioning that people were organizing online to swing the results in favor for Massive Darkness and that wasn't fair.  I'm just sitting back here thinking, well, yeah.  That's what fans do.  If the fans of Ethnos, Clans of Caledonia, Gaia Project, or 7th Continent (all games which Massive Darkness beat) organized similarly, I'm sure things might have played out differently, but then again, maybe not.  That's kind of how voting goes.  You can take a guess as to how it's going to go, but you never really know.

There seemed to be a vocal contingent that seemed to degrade the people voting for Massive Darkness, or who couldn't believe it was winning because "Everyone who knows games hates it" or some other such nonsense.

Well, honestly, if you tell someone that they're stupid or call them a name for having a different opinion than you, well, they're liable to stop sharing their opinion with you, and that's not cool.  Even my own reviews are just that, my opinions.  If you like a game that I say Fly It! to, that's cool!  There is no such thing as an objectively good or bad game, unless it's like unplayable, but even then.  What really matters is that you're having fun.

Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on so much, or be quite so serious but I felt I should get that off my chest.

So, whether you're playing our 2017 Game of the Year Gloomhaven, or our runner up Massive Darkness, or any of the 30 other top games that came out in 2017, or any of the 30 bottom games that have come out ever, have fun.

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  1. When you spend $500 on a game and it sucks... you go out of your way to try to convince yourself and others it totally wasn't a waste of money.


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