Painting Poorly Special - The Pit 3

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by Kerberos Productions

It's Officially a Trilogy!

So, I'm back with a third sneak peak painting tutorial for The Pit, an upcoming game by Kerberos Productions!  Be sure to pre-order your copy today so you can enjoy painting the cuddliest of monsters: The Moonbear!

1. Gameplan, Prep, and Prime

So, those of you out there who have read my previous tutorials, know that my gameplan for painting is always to duplicate the art that already exists, and today is no different.  I found a great picture of the Moonbear from Sword of the Stars: The Pit, the video game from which the board game is based!

As such, I'm hoping that I can make the miniature look something like this:

And in order to accomplish this task, I've assembled these paints:

A yellow, a tan (Dark Sand by Vallejo), and four different shades of varying darkness, from gray, light gray, off-white, and white.  This will be used to create depth and dimension in the white fur.

As you can see, I've already primed the mini with The Army Painter spray on Matt White, so let's BURN THIS CANDLE!

2. Basecoats

Okay, so I can hear you now...

"Mike Meeple, the Moonbear's white, and the primer's white?  Why do we have to paint it gray?"

Well, because PURE WHITE is BORING, and has absolutely no depth to it.  It might look fine at first, but eventually, it becomes boring.  So, we're going to paint the Moonbear almost EXACTLY like how I describe how to paint Big Figs in my general tips.

Start off with your standard gray, thinned 50/50 with water.  Get a nice basecoat over the whole thing, ignoring the feet and face.  Don't worry if the basecoat is a little uneven, because it's all getting covered up anyway.

While that's drying, now would be a good time to paint up the mouth.  I use Red Tone wash by the Army Painter, but any red or pink you like will be fine.  The mouth's not really that much of a focus.

Next, we move onto the light gray and the technique that I call "Wetbrushing".

I detail how to wetbrush in my Big Figs blog entry, but essentially it's similar to drybrushing, wetbrushing involves taking your paint, in this case the light gray, on your wedge brush, and brushing across the grain of the mini, just like you'd do with a drybrush, but with more paint on it.

Wetbrush the light gray on the flank and back of everywhere you put the gray.  Think, the top 75% of the figure should get this light coat of light gray, while the bottom 25% keeps the base gray.

Now, we'll do the same thing, but with off-white.

And for this, instead of 75%, only do the top 50%.  You can see this is starting to create a nice natural looking gradient in the fur.

Once that's dry, move onto wetbrushing the white.

Just do this on the very back of the Moonbear, from his head all the way to the tip of his tail.

After that, we can move onto painting the head and feet.

Just use your tan, thinned 50/50 with water of course, and paint the head and the feet.  For the head, try to use the tufts of fur as a boundary for where the tan will stop, and the white will continue, and for the feet, make sure that you leave the claws white.

3. Adding Shade

So, we're not going to be using many washes for this mini, because the fur already has all the shading that it needs!  So, we'll really just be looking to add shade to the head and feet.

I've chosen Strong Tone by The Army Painter, and I'm just going to liberally apply it to all over the head, and the feet, including claws and inside the mouth.

Be careful to avoid getting any on the fur, but once that's done, you're ready to add highlights!

4. Highlights and Finishing Touches

So, the first thing you'll want to highlight is the head, and we'll be keeping it simple, adding top-down highlights with your detail brush, using the same tan paint you used to basecoat it.

I just added a little to the top of the eyebrows, each tuft of fur on the head, and the center of the forehead.

You'll also want to add highlights to the feet, where each claw meets the foot, and try to highlight where each bone in the foot extends towards the claws.

Now, we'll highlight the fur with white.

Hit each tuft of fur on the ridge of the ankle with a tiny bit of white before moving onto the back of the Moonbear.

Most of the highlighting was done through the wetbrush layering process, but you'll still want to add a little bit of white to the top of each tuft of fur from this vantage point.  This creates a nice pop for fur, and further accentuates the difference between the shades of white and gray.  

Also take this time to highlight the top of each claw and the teeth with just a line of white.

The last thing you'll do is add a little yellow with your detail brush to paint the eyes...


Hopefully you guys are finding this helpful!  If you're looking for any of my other tutorials for this game, check them out here, and don't forget to pre-order your copy of The Pit by Kerberos Productions today!

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