Painting Poorly: A Song of Ice and Fire - Cersei Lannister, Queen Regent

by CMON Games

"I am a Lioness. I Will Not Cringe For Them..."

Cersei is such a $@%!  I mean, that's pretty much what I think whenever I see her on TV, read about her in the books, and honestly, whenever I play against her in this game!  So, today, we're going to be taking a look at one of the worst of the worst.

While, she has a relatively simple sculpt, it does pose a few issues, such as getting a vibrant and dynamic red from her dress, and keeping her exposed skin looking more alive than her male counterparts.

Well, let's jump in...

1. Gameplan, Prep, and Prime

So, the nice thing with the Cersei miniature, is that there's not much of a discrepancy between the in game art and her appearance in the HBO series (which is where I'm drawing most of my inspiration from).  I mean, just check it out, here's the HBO series:

And here's some of the awesome in-game art:

So, with this in mind, I'm going to be using the following paints:

Dark red from Target, yellow from the craft store, and Gold, Basic Skin Tone, Light Flesh, and Dark Sand by Vallejo.

I've gone ahead and primed Cersei with Matt White spray on primer by The Army Painter, like always, and now we can start on the basecoats.

2. Basecoats

The first thing to paint is the dress.  Use your dark red, thinned 50/50 with water like always, and start to cover the whole dress.

If you've thinned the paint properly, you will need to apply two coats of this color in order to get a nice even layer.  Also, the features on Cersei are so fine, such as the hair and hands, that you WILL get red all over them.  Just accept it and plan on having to cover that stuff up later, and you'll be a much more sane person.

Speaking of which...  Now you'll take your basic skin tone and paint her face, hands, shoulders, back, and... ahem...

You may will probably need to apply multiple coats to her hands if you got any red on them.

Now, time for the yellow on the hair.  The braided ponytail in particular will need to have multiple coats applied if you got some of the red on it, as yellow does not cover up yellow particularly well.  It may even be worth it to take some time and repaint that portion white.

Once the hair's finished, we move onto the gold trim.

While not quite as difficult as what we did on Tyrion, the basics of the technique are the same.  Don't thin your paint, and try to barely brush it on, more like the mini is catching the paint, and less like you're pushing the paint from the brush to the mini.

It's nice because there's actually a ridge for the trim around the top of her dress, so that will help you when you're painting.

Now, the trim on the end of her sleeve is completely optional, as it's not sculpted into the mini anywhere, but I think that gold band really helps break up the red.

If you do, make sure that you continue the gold band to the back of the right sleeve as well, as shown in the picture above.

3. Shading

So, we'll be using the following washes for Cersei:

Soft Tone, Flesh Wash, Red Tone, and Dark Tone, all by The Army Painter.

The first thing you'll apply will be the Flesh Wash.

Apply it to the face, neck, shoulders, chest, back, and hands.  Don't let it pool up too much underneath the chin, however, as it can leave it looking TOO dark.

Next, we'll use Soft Tone on the hair, just like we did with Jaime and Tyrion.  Don't worry if a little gets onto the skin or dress, but try to be as careful with it as possible.

Now, you're going to use just LITTLE BIT of Dark Tone for all the gold.  It should just be enough to mute the gold a little, and give it a slightly darkened tint.  You barely want to use any at all.

The last shade you'll throw will be the Red Tone all over the dress.  You can be fairly liberal with the wash here, but make sure to avoid any skin or gold.  Once that dries, you'll be able to move onto highlights!

4. Highlights and Finishing Touches

The first thing I highlighted was the hair.

Basic top down highlights of the hair, using Dark Sand by Vallejo.  Staying away from the part, and really just focusing on the top of the hair and bun.  Simple enough, especially if you've been working through my previous Lannister tutorials...

Okay, next, so we're going to be focusing a lot on the skin, as that will be a major focus of the mini (and the character, HEY YO!)

You will actually start with your basic skin tone, and highlight the forehead, cheekbones, chin, top of the shoulders and hands, and the tops of Cersei's girls...

Here you can see how I left the lower portions darkened, along with the space between her shoulder and her boob.

On her back, I've really only highlighted the tops of her shoulder blades, and left the space between them darkened.

Once that is dry, you'll actually mix together 50/50 basic skin tone and light flesh, thinned with equal parts water, and add an additional layer of highlight.  This additional layer should start at the topmost portion of the areas you have already highlighted, and only cover about 50% of that original highlight.

And remember, if it starts to look too light, you can always put some wash on it again and start over.

Now, we move onto the dress.  The issue with using Red Tone on a red color is that it really deepens the reds, which is great, but you can't just use the same red from your basecoat as your highlight.  It won't show up at all.

So, I'll be using this bright red from Target:

And I'm going to be using it thinned 50/50 with water, so that it doesn't just look like a HOT PINK patch of her dress, so I can add layer after layer with it to get to the intensity I want.

Start with the left thigh and knee.  Just give it a nice coat so that the knee and thigh are a little lighter than the bottom of her dress.  Also highlight the outside of the upper arms, leaving her under arm portion dark, and the top of each sleeve at the forearm.  Start off with the top, and pull a little bit of that red down along the folds in her sleeve as they fall to the ground.  Add the most color to the very top, though, where the light would naturally hit it from above.

You can also take this time to highlight her stomach, just a big, and her bosom.  Similarly to how we highlighted Tyrion's gut, leave the darkened areas near the top and underside, to give it a rounder look.

From her back, you want to highlight her posterior in a similar method, along with the sleeves in the same manner that you highlighted them in the front.

The final thing you'll do with Cersei is help her with her makeup.

Take your dark red and your detail brush, and get just the faintest amount of paint on it.  I'm talking almost like you're drybrushing, and aim for in between her two lips when you paint, using the same technique I describe for Greatjon's eyebrows.

This should give her that RBF look that is JUST so appropriate for her character.

5. Make Enemies and Influence People

That's it!  She's done, the vile woman...  Base her however you like, spray her with your matt spray, and boom!

If you've been following along with me, you should be finished with all of the named Lannister characters from the Stark vs. Lannister starter set!  Congrats!  If you'd still need to work on them, you can find all my tutorials for A Song of Ice & Fire here.

Hopefully these have been helpful, and make sure you join us again, soon, as we are reminded that the North remembers...

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