Painting Poorly: A Song of Ice & Fire

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Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer
Jaime Lannister, Maimed Hostage
Gregor Clegane, the Mountain
Gregor Clegane, the Mountain That Rides
Tyrion Lannister, the Imp
Cersei Lannister, Queen Regent
Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock
Lannister Guardsmen
Lannister Halberdiers
House Clegane Mountain's Men
Knights of Casterly Rock
Warrior's Sons

Robb Stark, the Wolf Lord
Greatjon Umber, Lord of Last Hearth
Sansa Stark, Little Bird
Catelyn Stark, Lady of Winterfell
Grey Wind
Bran and Hodor, Protector and Ward
Stark Sworn Swords
Stark Outriders
House Tully Sworn Shields
Umber Greataxes

Night's Watch
Jon Snow, 998th Lord Commander
Sworn Brothers
Veterans of the Watch
Aemon, Maester of Castle Black
Bowen Marsh, First Steward
Othell Yarwyck, First Builder
Alliser Thorne, Master-At-Arms
Donal Noye, Defender of Castle Black
Qhorin Halfhand, Unwavering Ranger
Grenn, Aurochs
Pypar, Monkey
Builder Scorpion Crew

Free Folk
Tormund Giantsbane, Thunderfist
Savage Giants
Lady Val, Wildling Princess
Ygritte, Kissed by Fire
Rattleshirt, Lord of Bones
Cave Dweller Savages

Stannis Baratheon, The Rightful Heir
Renly Baratheon, The Charismatic Heir
Baratheon Wardens
Melisandre, The Red Woman


  1. Great work, very inspiring, keep it up. In my currently limited spare time I used the Greatjon page to get my first figure finished to an above acceptable tabletop finish. What figures do you plan to do or are you just doing only the ones that interest you.

    1. Hi, Warren! I'm glad you're finding them helpful! I'm currently planning on doing all of them... I don't know how long that will take, but I'm starting by working my way through the starter, as I'm hoping this will serve as a good resource for anyone, including those who missed the KS.

    2. Hey Mike, I love these guides. Any idea when you will be getting to the more generic Stark and Lannister Units and some tips on batch painting? Thanks so much!

    3. There should be unit tutorials going live this week!

  2. Absolutely love these blogs. So straightforward and I love how you're not a slave to brands and are willing to use basic acrylics wherever possible. For someone like me who's brand new to the hobby (painting and wargaming) it really makes all the difference to know that I don't have to spend hundreds of pounds on expensive paints and fancy gadgets likes airbushes. I just want to get my minis painted and on the table.

    Do you think you'll ever do the Knights of Casterly Rock?

    1. Hi, Dean! I'm glad you're enjoying the tutorials! The whole idea behind me doing it was exactly what you were saying, just start painting and GET THEM ON THE TABLE! In regards to the Knights of Casterly Rock, I am planning on doing tutorials on all of the units, so if all goes well, I should be getting to them sooner or later. You can also like my FB at to help influence which units I do next, as I sometimes do polls and whatnot there for my followers to vote.

  3. Both versions of your Gregor Clegane look great. I especially like the one with the horse, particularly because of the highlighting you showed towards the end. I haven't done that before, beyond in a few paintings. This makes me want to it for myself (with an airbrush) on some personal projects of mine.

  4. I wish I had the time and patience to paint this well. Great work.

  5. Thank you for doing this guide. It really has been inspiring to someone like me who hasn't painted in years and is looking to get back into things.

  6. Love your work and i would like to replicate it as best i can. I visited target to grab the dark red paint you listed, but the most similar color i found was just "ladybug red", do you think this will work? I really like the shade yours turned out. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Jeremy! I’m glad you’re liking the series! I used “Brick” from Target, but I occasionally use Ladybug Red for highlights. It should work just fine, it’ll just be a little brighter!

  7. This is so great. Thank you! Are you planning on doing the Night's Watch minis?

    1. SPOILERS Yes. I’m planning on it. My Nights Watch JUST showed up.

  8. Like your work and i follow your style. Great attention to show images as that is my visual basis as well, having not read the books.

    1. Hi, Tom! I’m glad you’re liking my aesthetic! Thanks so much for your readership!

    2. Mike, one recommendation is when you show a pic of the paint bottles used, try to show the title and range number on the bottle. or even list the name range and number. I have seen a couple bottles where only the comment is red from Target and the side of the paint bottle with warning info. E.g. Vallejo Gunmetal Blue 70-800 or FolkArt Medium Foliage Green xxx-xx. Some folks may want to get the same color to reproduce the same effect. Keep up the good work.

    3. Hi, Tom, thanks for the feedback! I usually try to keep the paints fairly generic for people who want to sub in their own brands, but I’ll definitely consider being more specific with the colors if that would help!

  9. Hi Mike, this blog is absolutely brilliant. You’ve helped me paint most of my Lannister army!! Any idea when you be posting about generic free folk units, particularly batch painting them as this swarm army is going to take a lot of man hours ­čśé

    1. I’m glad you’re liking it! I’ve got some more heroes that I’ll be working on, and then I’ll be asking my Patrons what they’d like to see next. I should be getting around to them all eventually!

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  11. Wonderfull ! Do you plan to do post on new figs Stark (Edd, Bran, Hodor, ...) ? Thanks

    1. My goal is to cover everything... we’ll see how close I get to that...

    2. Thanks ! wonderfull ! Thanks !!

  12. Clear, consistent coverage,easy to follow along....well done!

  13. Do you have the Skinchangers? I'm curious to see how you do the eagles and bears.

    1. I do, and they’re currently on the list!

    2. Awesome, I'm looking forward to it. I have trouble with animals.

  14. Hey Mike I love your painting guides. I'm working on some Outriders right now and the horse tutorial was great. Will you be doing the Kingsguard in the future?

    1. Thanks! I’m hoping to get to all releases eventually.


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