Painting Poorly: A Song of Ice and Fire - Petyr Baelish, Littlefinger

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by CMON Games

"Chaos is a Ladder..."

Welcome back, Westerosi!  Today we're looking at the final character from our Neutral "Heroes" expansion box, and ironically the one who's done probably the least amount of heroic things out of them all save for Ramsay, Petyr Baelish AKA Littlefinger!

While not the most complicated figure we've worked on, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve (doesn't he always?) that might throw us for a loop, but overall, if you've gone with me this far, you shouldn't have any problems with the Master of Coin.

1. Gameplan, Prep, and Prime

Okay, so when I look at my two inspirations for Baelish, the HBO rendition played by the villainously charming Aiden Gillen, and the in-game art, I notice a lot of similarities.

Both have a blackish V-Neck thing vesty thingy with gold trim which covers a red/purply brown long sleeve.  The only REAL difference is the amount of salt and pepper that Aiden Gillen has in his hair/goatee, so I feel fairly confident that we'll be able to create a nice blend of both inspirations to create something that should appeal to both those loyal to the in-game art, and the late adopters like me who only see Aiden Gillen and Littlefinger as being synonymous.

That said, I've assembled the following paints:

That's a lot of Vallejo up there: Basic Skin Tone, Violet Red, Brown Rose, Gold, Chocolate Brown, and Flat Earth.  I've also thrown in some black and white from the craft store for our 50/50 black/white mix.  I also end up using a TINY bit of Silver by Vallejo, though it's not pictured above.

Like always, I've primed Littlefinger with some matt white spray primer by The Army Painter, and we should be off to the races!

2. Basecoats

Quick reminder, all of our basecoats should be thinned 50/50 with water unless otherwise noted!

We're going to start off with the violet red.  I know this seems a little... BRIGHT, but trust me.  Use it to paint the sleeves, the collar, the skirt of the shirt, and the area around his chest and shoulders, like shown above.

Now, we'll mix up our 50/50 black/white mix and paint the gloves, the boots, and the vest.  Try to avoid as much of the trim on the vest as possible, just to make it easier when adding the gold.

Next, we'll paint up the face with our basic skin tone.  Don't worry about getting it on the beard, we're just going to be covering that up next.

Once that's dry, we'll move onto the chocolate brown.  Use this to paint the pant legs, the coin satchel, and the hair and goatee.

In order to get his mustache to look like Littlefinger's and not like Magnum P.I.'s, you may have to repaint his cheeks with the basic skin tone in order to shape that upper lip.

When you're painting the goatee, don't connect it to the mustache, and once it's finished, use your detail brush and some white to add two white dots on either side of the chin.  This helps add the salt and pepper look to his beard.

Similarly, for the hair, you'll want to leave a bit of white exposed by the temples until just over the ear.  Again, this will help make Littlefinger look more like his HBO counterpart, so if you're not concerned with that, you can skip this step and go straight to painting the belt with your flat earth.

Once the belt is painted, the next to last thing you'll do will be all the gold trim, using gold, but do not thin the paint.  Use your detail brush, get your gold paint and just barely run it over all of the trim, the belt buckles and the tiny gold studs on the belt, similar to what we did with Tyrion and his gold trim.

Finally, use some of your silver for the TINY little Mockingbird insignia on the middle of his chest, and you're ready for washes once that's dry!

3. Shading

We're going to keep it simple today, only 2 washes!

Flesh Wash and Strong Tone by The Army Painter.

Let's start with the Flesh Wash.

Nothing too complicated, just apply it to the entirety of the face, but try to avoid the white temples of the hair or the beard of the goatee.

Once that's laid down, apply the strong tone everywhere else, including all of the hair (temples included), the beard (with the white dots), all of it.  As you can see, it really mutes the violet red which seemed too bright earlier, and gives us that red/purply brown that we were looking for.

Once that's all dry, we get to move onto highlights!

4. Highlights and Finishing Touches

The first thing I went to highlight was the face.

Using your basic skin tone, highlight his forehead, cheeks, and nose.  If you can get his lower lip as well, that helps to add pop to the mini, though it can be difficult.

Next, you'll mix together some chocolate brown and flat earth in a 1/1 ratio and highlight the pants, top of the head, and satchel.  Stick to where the pants billow out.  I've circled in blue the areas on the back of the pant to highlight as an example of what I mean.

This is also a good time to paint the eyebrows with this mix as well.

When highlighting the shirt, we're going to mix together the violet red and brown rose in a 2/1 ratio and start highlighting where the shirt billows outwards.  I've circled areas in yellow to serve as an example.

However, when you get to the shoulder/chest part, instead of doing a traditional highlight, wipe off a good amount of your brush, almost like you're going to do a drybrush, and lightly brush across the texture on this portion of the mini.  It will be much easier than trying to highlight every little ridge and keep you from going crazy.

Next, you'll want to use a little bit of white to highlight up the temples and the two white dots in the beard.

The last thing to highlight will be all of the black sections of the figure.  You'll mix together your black/white mix, however, it will now be 1/2 black/white.  Just try to focus on all the portions of the mini that are catching any ACTUAL light and paint those portions.  I've circled in yellow the areas that I highlighted as an example.

5. Lose Friends and Manipulate Others!

That's it!  That's the Master of Coin himself.  Base him, spray him, and you're done!

This along with my other tutorials for A Song of Ice & Fire can always be found on my blog here.

Hopefully you found this helpful and make sure you keep checking back here and at MeepleGamers for more tutorials, news, and reviews!  Until next time!

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