Painting Poorly: A Song of Ice and Fire - Sansa Stark, Little Bird

by CMON Games

"My Skin Has Gone from Porcelain, to Ivory, to Steel..."

Sansa Stark may be the most interesting character in A Song of Ice & Fire.  She is undeniably Ned Stark's daughter, and has all of the nobility and general goodness that would entail, but she's also been able to maneuver the deadly jungle of King's Landing, and you can't do that without at least a little duplicity.

Either way, over the course of the books and HBO series, she's grown from a spoiled little princess into a true force to be reckoned with, and a woman befitting the title of Lady of Winterfell.  So, we're going to taking her from a chunk of light gray plastic, to a fully painted mini!  Let's get to it!

1. Gameplan, Prep, and Prime

So, much like Cersei, the in-game art for Sansa is not much different than her HBO counterpart.  



As you can see, they're both very similar, even with the unjust removal of Lady (you bastards know who you are...).  So, these are the paints that I have assembled to do the job:

Dark Sand, Basic Skin Tone, and Gold by Vallejo, black, white, and some generic orange from the craft store, and green, gray, and light gray from Target.

I've already primed Sansa with Matt White spray-on primer by The Army Painter, like I always do, so let's start painting!

2. The Fur

Just like with her brother Robb, the first thing we're going to paint on Sansa will be her fur cloak.

We'll be mixing together our 50/50 black/white mix, thinned with equal parts water like always, and painting the entirety of the fur cloak.  Once this is dry, you'll take your chisel or wedge brush and drybrush some standard gray over it.

Once you're finished with this, then you'll do the same thing, but with your light gray.

This is the same technique we've been using for all of our fur, from Robb to Greatjon to Grey Wind, so you should be very familiar with it by now.

3. Basecoats

Remember, all of your basecoats should be thinned with equal parts water unless otherwise stated.

After the fur, you'll be moving onto Sansa's dress with the standard gray.  Just a nice, even coat will do, nothing fancy, although you may need to apply 2 coats.

Then take your basic skin tone and paint the face, neck, and hands.  In general, Sansa actually has VERY small features, such as her hands, smaller than even the Tyrion sculpt, so don't be afraid to tackle her hands with your detail brush.

Once that's dry, you'll be painting the hair with your basic orange.  I know this might seem a bit bright, but for me, this looks closer to the color of Sophie Turner's hair when she plays the role, so I'm going with orange.  If you want something a little darker, you could mix in a touch of brown to the orange to darken it, or use something like an orange brown.

Now we'll just use a little green for the sash around the hip.

And finish off the tan "T" on her chest with the dark sand, or tan, and some unthinned gold paint for the medallions and earring that is on her left side.

You can also take this time to add a line detail running down the middle of her forearm with the dark sand/tan, but this is completely optional.

4. Shading

So, here are the shades we will be using to add some depth to Sansa:

Flesh Wash, Red Tone, Dark Tone, and Blue Tone all by The Army Painter.

First we'll use the Flesh Wash on her face, hands, and neck.

For the hair, use the Red Tone, and make sure to stay ON THE HAIR.  You don't want any Red Tone getting on the dress.

Don't forget to get the braid coming down the front.

Now, for the dress and sash, you'll actually be mixing two colored washes together.  You'll be using a 50/50 mix of Dark Tone and Blue Tone.  This will give Sansa's dress that dark grayish/bluish look that we're trying to emulate.

 And to finish it all off, use basic dark tone on the gold and cloak.  Once that's all dry, it's onto highlights!

5. Highlights and Finishing Touches

The first thing you'll want to highlight is Sansa's hair.

Just using your orange, apply some basic top down highlights to the hair, avoiding the part, leaving that nice and dark and reddish orange.

Next, using your basic skin tone, highlight the face, hands, and neck.  For the face, you'll want to hit the center of the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, and her chin, but JUST the center of it.  On her neck, the sculpt actually has a very well defined sternocleidomastoid muscle (the thing that makes the "V" on your neck) so you'll want to make sure to highlight that well, and for the hands, really, it's just the top of the thumbs.

Now, we're going to start with the dress.  We will actually be doing 2 layers of highlights on the dress, to make it stand out and not just look like a gray blob.  First, using your standard gray, you'll be highlighting all the areas that the wash ISN'T.  So, the folds of the dress, her bust, a little bit of her stomach, and the portions of her forearms that would catch the light.

Once that's dry, we'll be applying the second level of highlights using the light gray.

When you're adding this layer, you'll only be covering about 50% of the same areas you've already highlighted, and only on the most prominent areas.  You can see it adds another layer of depth, though it's very subtle.

Now would also be the time when you'd add a TINY highlight to the green sash using your green, and touch up the "T" on her chest with your detail brush and your dark sand/tan.

Before we come to a close, we will be doing the last 2 details for this figure: her lips and the ribbon in her hair.

I chose this candy apple red for lipstick, as it's a nice youthful red, and looks more like what a teenager would wear, and not a seductress.

And for the ribbon, will be using this cornflower blue:

Using your detail brush, you'll take JUST a TEENY TINY bit of red and aim for the middle of both of Sansa's lips in order to get that small bit of color on them.

You'll be able to see the ribbon sculpt in the braid of her hair, so using your detail brush, just paint the ribbon VERY carefully, and when that's dry, using the same detail brush, apply some dark tone wash over JUST THE RIBBON in order to give it some definition.

6. Rally Those Bannermen!

That's it!  Sansa Stark!  A fairly basic paint job, but with the right highlights and touches, she will really pop.  Base her however you like, spray her with your matt spray, and you're done!

Hopefully you're finding these entries helpful, and make sure the check back often as we continue working our way through the North...

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